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What You Need to Know

VFW Road is now open connecting Eagle River Road to Hiland Drive.

Project End Result

The Alaska Department of Transportation is working with Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. to widen the Glenn Highway between Hiland Drive and Artillery Road. When the Glenn Highway Capacity Improvements project is complete, three lanes of the Glenn Highway will continue from Hiland Drive past the Artillary ramp. This project will only include the North Bound lane, which will place a new three lane bridge over Eagle River and convert the existing highway into a frontage road connecting Hiland with South Eagle River. This project is expected to be complete by December 2015.

More Information

DOT: Engineer Phone: 312-7966

From the Project Engineer

The new frontage road, VFW Road (old Glenn Highway), will be closed for the winter.


ROAD CONSTRUCTION through the season

Today's date is:

August 8, 2016

Last updated at: 14:46 August 5, 2016

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Construction Areas Note

Those people who reside in construction zones and may require special accommodations should call the DOT Highway Construction Engineer at 907-269-0450 (TTY 907-269-0473).