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What You Need to Know

  • Be alert to workers and construction equipment in the roadway from MP 1354 to MP 1365, daily from 6:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Be alert to gravel surfaces, a 45 MPH speed limit with double fines, flagging and PILOT CAR operations with DELAYS of up to 20 minutes.
  • A DETOUR is in effect between MP 1362 and MP 1363, with a 35 MPH speed limit.
  • Be alert to a truck crossing at MP 1360.
  • The waysides at Bear Creek Bridge (MP 1357.5) and Chief Creek Bridge (MP 1358.5) are CLOSED for reconstruction. Please do not camp or park in these waysides. Be alert to construction activity and workers on the bridges, with SINGLE-LANE TRAFFIC and traffic signals in effect.

Traffic Impacts

Over the course of the season, expect lane restrictions, flagging and PILOT CAR operations, truck crossings, gravel surfaces, and up to 20 minute DELAYS throughout the summer.

Project End Result

The Alaska Department of Transportation, in partnership with Great Northwest, Inc., is working to rehabilitate the road surface and bridges on the Alaska Highway, from MP 1354 to 1365. Drainage culverts will be replaced as needed. The project will include replacing aging pavement, rehabilitating the Chief Creek and Bear Creek bridges, wayside improvements and guardrail and sign improvements.

More Information

Great Northwest, Inc.: Phone: 882-2703
DOT: Engineer Phone: 882-2701


ROAD CONSTRUCTION through September

Today's date is:

July 26, 2016

Last updated at: 17:27 July 25, 2016

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Construction Areas Note

Those people who reside in construction zones and may require special accommodations should call the DOT Highway Construction Engineer at 907-269-0450 (TTY 907-269-0473).