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What You Need to Know
  • Drivers should expect construction crews and equipment along the shoulder on Badger Road at Richardson Highway and should be alert to work in the roadway and LANE CLOSURES at the Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) stations at the following locations: 
    • MP 350.5 of the Parks Highway, near Ester 
    • Richardson Highway at Gulkana Airport 
    • Tok Cutoff at MP 119
  • Drivers should also be alert to the continuing installation of traffic detection equipment and work zones at the AVC stations at the following locations:
    • Airport Way, west of Steese Expressway
    • Parks Highway, at Chena River Bridge, west of Lathrop Street, and Ester
    • Richardson Highway at Moose Creek, Gulkana Airport, and Ernestine
    • Glenn Highway at Nelchina Maintenance Camp
    • Tok Cutoff at MP 119
    • Badger Road
  • Drivers should be aware of temporary traffic control zones, warning signs and other devices, flaggers, LANE RESTRICTIONS and LANE CLOSURES for utility installations and testing.
  • Drivers should expect minimal traffic DELAYS of 20 minutes or less when traffic is stopped by flaggers for LANE CLOSURES on two-lane roadways.
Project End Result

The State of Alaska Department of Transportation, in partnership with Lakloey, Inc., and in collaboration with the Department of Transportation Traffic Data and Forecasting section, is installing traffic detection equipment at various locations and adjoining highways and roads throughout the Northern Region. Project work includes roadside excavation and installation of radar, electrolier poles for AVC and Radar, in-roadway piezoelectric sensors, and radar-based traffic detection equipment. Work will occur in fall and early winter of 2018 and continue in spring and summer of 2019. This project is expected to be completed by August 2019.

Contractor Information

Lakloey, Inc.

DOT Number

Special Accommodations Contact:

Those people who reside in construction zones and may require special accommodations should call the DOT Highway Construction Engineer at 907-269-0450 (TTY 907-269-0473).

Safety in all construction zones:

  • Traffic fines are double
  • Watch for changing driving surfaces
  • Watch for reduced speed limits
  • Be alert to and follow directions of flaggers
  • Drive with headlights on
  • Allow additional time when traveling
  • Watch for equipment and workers